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Live in the present #namaste

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Trash Looks Beautiful In These Photos Of Perfectly Arranged Garbage
BY ZAK STONE, fastcoexist.com

Litter polluting around a beach is inherently ugly—it’s violating a naturally beautiful space. But artist Barry Rosenthal has figured how to create photos of the mess that are strangely captivating.

Trash on a beach looks like an uninvit­ing me…

Title: Nietzsche Artist: The Dandy Warhols 0 plays


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I think that every sexual position is fundamentally comic.

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today: accepting no

tomorrow: dharma/karma/chi crap

and everyday i’ll add on more thing to being perfect and an adult.
yesterday: doing the crap i should do when i should. like a fucking grown up, bro.

#suck it  


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do i need new high tops?

they are a bit worn.


miss you

find me in the world

paranoidanddeluded asked: what? :/

i don’t even know


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a letter from dad and stephen’s mad.

even though this was a good day from 8:00AM to 8:20PM

it’s been completely ruined in about 10 minutes and life sucks again.

gotta love home life.

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